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10 Types of Diamond Cuts and How to Choose the Right One

Wondering which diamond cut will suit you or your loved one the best? Whether for an engagement, anniversary, or a special milestone, the right diamond cut can encapsulate your unique story. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the types of diamond cuts, which diamonds offer the most sparkle, and guide you in selecting a gem that's visually stunning and deeply meaningful.

What are the Different Types of Diamond Cuts?

Diamond cuts are the heart of a diamond's brilliance and character. Each cut has its own unique qualities and aesthetics, making them ideal for different styles and preferences. Here are some examples:

1. Round Brilliant Cut

This cut is celebrated for its unmatched fire and brilliance. It's a classic choice that never goes out of style.

Gemmorah’s Round-cut Solitaire Diamond Ring

2. Princess Cut

    The Princess Cut is a modern favorite known for its sharp, uncut corners and exceptional sparkle. It showcases this cut's contemporary elegance.

    3. Emerald Cut

      The Emerald Cut is distinguished by its elongated, rectangular shape and step-cut facets, offering different understated brilliance. The Emerald-cut Engagement Ring is a testament to this cut's timeless allure.

      4. Asscher Cut

        Similar to the Emerald Cut but in a square shape, the Asscher Cut features large step facets and a high crown that produces a unique, captivating sparkle. The Asscher-cut Engagement Ring is a perfect example of vintage elegance.

        5. Radiant Cut

          The Radiant Cut combines the elegance of the Emerald Cut with the brilliance of the Round Cut. It's a stunning choice for those who love a vibrant sparkle.

          6. Cushion Cut

          Known for its soft corners and romantic feel, it blends the old mine cut with a modern oval cut. The Cushion-cut Halo Engagement Ring exemplifies this cut's charming appeal.

          7. Oval Cut

            The Oval Cut offers an elongated shape that can make the finger appear longer and slimmer. Gemmorah's Oval-cut Diamond Solitaire is a perfect representation of this elegant cut.

            8. Marquise Cut

              With its elongated shape and pointed ends, the cut is distinctive and bold. The Marquise-cut Engagement Ring from Gemmorah highlights the cut’s unique appeal.

              9. Pear Cut (or Teardrop Cut)

                Combining the characteristics of both the Round and Marquise cuts, the Pear Cut, also known as the Teardrop Cut, is both unique and feminine. Gemmorah's Pear-cut Engagement Ring captures the essence of this graceful cut.

                10. Heart Cut

                  The Heart Cut is a symbol of love and romance. This whimsical shape requires skilled craftsmanship to ensure the perfect silhouette, as seen in Gemmorah's Heart Engagement Ring.

                  Which Diamond Cut Offers the Maximum Sparkle?

                  For those seeking the ultimate sparkle in a diamond, the Round Brilliant Cut takes the crown. Renowned for its exceptional ability to reflect light, this cut is beautifully demonstrated in the engagement ring of Miranda Kerr.

                  Miranda Kerr’s engagement ring. Posted in 2016.

                  With its 58 precisely arranged facets, the Round Brilliant Cut is designed to maximize light return, creating an unmatched brilliance and fire.

                  Characteristics to Consider When Selecting a Diamond Cut

                  Choosing a diamond cut involves considering several key characteristics:

                  • Brilliance is the amount of light a diamond reflects. Round Brilliant, Princess, and Radiant cuts are known for high brilliance.
                  • Fire refers to how a diamond disperses light into the colors of the spectrum. Cuts with more facets, like the Round and Oval cuts, typically display more fire.
                  • Scintillation is the flashes of light or sparkle when the diamond or light source moves. Cuts like the Marquise or Pear cuts offer pronounced scintillation.
                  • Shape. Consider personal preference and meaning – whether it's the elegance of the Emerald cut or the uniqueness of the Heart cut.
                  • Proportions. Well-proportioned cuts ensure maximum light performance.
                  • Symmetry. The precision of the cut's facets alignment. Symmetrical cuts result in a more balanced and visually appealing diamond.

                  How Does the Shape of a Diamond Affect its Brilliance?

                  The shape of a diamond significantly impacts its brilliance. Each shape is cut to different specifications and facet patterns, influencing how light is captured and reflected.

                  Round cuts, like the Round Brilliant, are expertly designed with numerous facets to maximize light reflection, resulting in high brilliance.

                  Square or rectangular cuts, such as the Princess or Emerald cuts, have distinct facet arrangements that can emphasize clarity over brilliance.

                  Elongated shapes, including the Oval, Marquise, or Pear cuts, often exhibit a bow tie effect, a slight shadowing in the center. However, their elongated facets can also create a unique spread of light.

                  Are Certain Diamond Cuts More Suitable for Specific Jewelry Pieces?

                  Absolutely. Different diamond cuts complement various jewelry types. Round Brilliant and Princess cuts are top choices for engagement rings, known for their classic beauty.

                  Small round cuts are perfect for studs in earrings, while Pear and Marquise cuts add elegance to drop earrings. Pendants typically feature Round or Oval cuts for focused brilliance.

                  The uniformity of Round or Square cuts creates a sophisticated look for bracelets. The right diamond cut can significantly enhance the jewelry's overall style and appearance.

                  Average Carat Weight Associated with each Diamond Cut

                  The average carat weight can vary significantly between diamond cuts, influenced by the cut's shape and proportions.

                  • Round Brilliant Cut: Popular around 1 carat, offering a good balance of size and sparkle.
                  • Princess Cut: Often chosen between 0.5 to 1.5 carats, appearing larger due to its cut.
                  • Emerald and Asscher Cuts: Generally over 1 carat to highlight their unique facets and clarity.
                  • Radiant and Cushion Cuts: Frequently in the 1 to 2 carat range, appearing larger due to their style.
                  • Oval, Marquise, and Pear Cuts: Commonly 1 to 1.5 carats, appearing larger for their carat weight.
                  • Heart Cut: Usually around 0.5 to 1 carat to maintain shape integrity.

                  Summing Up: Selecting the Ideal Diamond Cut

                  In selecting the ideal diamond, it's crucial to balance the cut's unique features and the appropriate carat weight with one’s preferences and lifestyle. Each cut, from the brilliant Round to the elegant Emerald, tells its own story.

                  Your choice should reflect the personal style and narrative of the person wearing it, enhancing the gem's beauty and significance. The true essence of a diamond lies in how it embodies one’s journey and style.

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